Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Inspiration, a Poem: Springtime Morning Song

Springtime Morning Song

I listen from my front porch as nature greets the coming day:

Roosters announce the impending sunrise
Turkeys bicker in the distance
The songbirds' chorus infinitely repeats
Crows discuss the night's road kill
Dogs argue with the birds
Cows protest the theft of their milk
Doves chatter while pecking at seeds
Woodpeckers provide a drumroll for an unknown punchline.

And the humans drive by, with their windows up, on their way to work, completely oblivious to the musical beauty around them.

This is the view from my front porch.

I don't usually (or ever) write poetry, so I don't know if I've broken any fundamental rules or anything. Or if there even are any?!? I was sitting on my front porch this morning, enjoying my coffee in the hour or so of peace I get between Hubby leaving for work and babies getting up for the day, and inspiration struck. This just happened to be the way the words poured out.

I appreciate any and all feedback, even (especially) if you think it sucks, but only if you tell me why you think it sucks. When did inspiration last strike you? Where were you? What did you see? hear? smell?  How did it make you feel? Let me know!! I can't wait to hear from you guys. Interaction is what this life is all about!!


Mysti said...

Beautiful poem!! I can't write a poem that doesn't rhyme to save my life, so I'm in awe of those who can. :)

I loved how emotive this was. I heard everything so well, and it reminded me of my old house (still miss it terribly), where I'd sit out back and listen to the birds from a patio chair or the hammock. We're right next to the interstate now, so it's not quite the same.

As far as inspiration, I am inspired by something nearly every day, but don't always get to sit down and write it out. I'm glad you did that. My last vivid experience was back in November when I got an idea for a flash fiction piece centered around the manger scene. I was just doing laundry when it hit me, and had to stop and write it. I was lucky to get it into an anthology that benefited the NCADV (domestic violence charity).

I do hope to keep getting inspired. Otherwise, the words would dry up and where would we be? :)

Rebecca Barray said...

Thanks, Mysti!! I took an audio recording too, but couldn't figure out how to add it. Oh well. Glad you liked it!

Lara Britt said...

Are there any rules? Well, at least I know of no penalties. The only loss is if you don't create.

I'm always amazed at what we miss by not being open to our everyday world. It's a constant theme in my writing.

Thank you for sharing your take on in with all of us. Hope it gets folks to roll those windows down!