Sunday, January 29, 2012

Here's some steam: Rain

Okay guys. Here is my first steamy post. :) This is just an excerpt of one of my short stories I've been touching up lately. Let me know what you think... good, bad and ugly.

Becca ♥


He walked through the door with a hungry look in his eyes, wet from the warm, summer rain. His backward cap provided no protection for his face. Thick raindrops clung to his eyelashes and ran down his face. His grey t-shirt stuck tightly to his skin showing every curve of his well defined chest and abs. His tan arms strained at the sleeves. Those are arms that could easily manhandle her. She waited eagerly for him in a thin, lacy baby doll. Her long dark hair fell in thick curls just past her breasts. Through the lace, the stiff peaks of her nipple signaled her excitement. She walked up to him, pressing her breasts against his chest. Her hands moved tenderly up to his strong shoulders before scratching lightly down his back. With one hand wrapped around each side of her waist, he easily lifted her up onto the kitchen table. Her hands found the bottom of his soaking shirt and lifted it over his head. His wet body glistened in the dim light. He moved his hands slowly up the soft curves of  the small of her back to her shoulder blades, pulling her into a tight embrace. With their faces so close, his heavy breath warmed her lips. Sky blue eyes looked deeply into her brown ones as lips pressed hard against her mouth. His tongue flickered against her lips, begging entry. She opened her mouth just enough to let it pass. Their tongues touched lightly at first, then harder as their passions grew.


Mysti said...

Hey, I remember this! :) Welcome to the blogosphere! Jump on over to Unwritten and check out mine.

seanhtaylor said...

I like it. Of course I hate writing the sexy, steamy scenes. I'm always trying to walk that line between too much and not enough.